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Making Community with Mau, Sath and Scott

Very excited to have started the Making Community Podcast with my co creators Sathpal Singh and Magic Mau. The idea for the podcast came when Sath and I were chatting before I hosted him as part of the Freestival in October and we were laughing and chatting over topics and Mau said that he loved our verbal interplay and we […]

Following a passion – it’s community building

  ‘….following a passion’, it’s community building. This realisation changes their entire approach. They find a shared vocabulary and a connection with others just like them. Most importantly, they start to get a thirst to become really good at it. The world needs skilled community builders today The world needs people like you who can connect, unite and lead us […]

Making a Community that Connects us

We are very focused at the moment on how we connect and Making a Community that Connects us all. We don’t want a future that is forbidden to anyone and we want to give a helping hand up to people in need around the world. In Need of learning and support, in need of respect and companionship or in need […]