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Toby Rao – Community Profile

We are starting an experiment in exploring who we are as people in the Access Agile Community. So please find Toby Rao’s Community Profile. We want to make a community that connects us together in respect, helping each other and improvement. We are pleased to have Toby from the USA as the first one. If you like this idea… join […]

Following a passion – it’s community building

  ‘….following a passion’, it’s community building. This realisation changes their entire approach. They find a shared vocabulary and a connection with others just like them. Most importantly, they start to get a thirst to become really good at it. The world needs skilled community builders today The world needs people like you who can connect, unite and lead us […]

We thank you so much for making a wonderful freestival!

hello everyone, We thank you so much for making a wonderful freestival! We would love to hear how the Access Agile freestival connected with you!! Would you like to make a Gratitude video? Here is my one… If you want to make one the background I used in zoom is here.. Once you have made you video just email me […]