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Making a Community that Connects us

Making a Community that Connects us

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We are very focused at the moment on how we connect and Making a Community that Connects us all.

We don’t want a future that is forbidden to anyone and we want to give a helping hand up to people in need around the world. In Need of learning and support, in need of respect and companionship or in need of motivation. The world is a big scary uncaring place lets be the community that cares!

As always out main focuses are 1) To create and disseminate learning to those who can’t afford it and also to develop a new and more inclusive community around the values that all agilists rally round.

Sathpal Singh and I have been looking for ways to connect, grow and build this community. We will be starting a debate about who we are and where we are going and it’s a debate that you are all invited to join. It will reconnect and re state the vision and we will be picking up on Carla Krieger’s work around purpose. Kierkegaard once said you live your life forward but understand it backwards. An in that spirit we will be trying to understand this community and the Agile20reflect one.

We will be looking at the tools we can use to connect and build this community and looking for a cadre of volunteers to help make that community.

Our Main gathering point… till we find a better one will be slack so Please join the Access Agile Community on Slack  

Also join our contact list to keep up to date with what is happening and how you can take part in Making a community that connects us.

And we are running an Experience Survey there on the October Freestival there.

We are a global online group so we need to find ways to connect Asynchronously and have improvements to the community aspects of the website.

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We think writing these posts here is also a great way to communicate and if you want to write posts or guest blogs here i am encouraging that. I encourage you all to get involved, make connections and help make this the vibrant community that we know this can be.

All the posts end up in the News Section of the website and over time will build up to be a very useful record.

We can also start posting about who we are and help get to know each other a little better. So looking for ideas and ways of doing that when we are so far placed Across the world.

Lots will be happening… Let us find ways to be more vibrant, caring and compassionate!

Please share this and let us find a better way to connect with each other.

Scott seivwright

Access Agile Community Caretaker