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Making Community with Mau, Sath and Scott

Making Community with Mau, Sath and Scott

Making Community on Spotify

Very excited to have started the Making Community Podcast with my co creators Sathpal Singh and Magic Mau.
The idea for the podcast came when Sath and I were chatting before I hosted him as part of the Freestival in October and we were laughing and chatting over topics and Mau said that he loved our verbal interplay and we should do a podcast and he offered to produce it. And the rest is fun.

We recorded the first session and it was really a scene setting and a little more about our motives in setting up the podcaste and what communities mean to us.

It was pretty great to see the trailer on Spotify. – Link to Trailer on Spotify.

”Our Mission is to surface, showcase and celebrate the power of communities from across the globe.
We wish to inspire our fellow humans and give them the motivation, methods, and courage to make and nurture new communities. We believe in the importance of togetherness and being connected. The power and impact of communities can not be underestimated. It’s through communities that we can support our wellbeing and bring about positive health outcomes. Join us, and let’s embark on an exploratory journey of learning and discovery as we make communities.”

To be completely honest, this is just a experiment for us? but in this experiment Mau, Sath and I will be on a journey around the world Speaking to people interviews and learning from people on how they are building communities. The idea is we head off to the wild find great stories and techniques and come back here to Access Agile and make those recipes available internally to our community guides and leaders and make them available as patterns to use under creative commons on our website in the Community section.
If any one wants to help and contribute to the podcaste we would love that. Sath, MAu and I are very animated in this space and we know we need to get better at building community and somehow this journey at this time really makes sense to us learning more, researching, listening to people’s experience and bring it back to our communities.
Thing Jo is setting up MakingCommunity@Access-Agile.org – if you want to be a part of this please email us!

So we invite you to subscribe to the podcast, get to know Myself, SathPal and Mau a little better and learn a whole lot about communities!!

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with… your hosts, Sathpal Singh, Mau Vera and myself Scott Seivwright.

You can find me on linked in At Heart of Scott