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The MakingCommunity Podcast

The MakingCommunity Podcast

Welcome to MakingCommunity! 

Our Mission is to surface, showcase and celebrate the power of communities from across the globe.

We wish to inspire our fellow humans and give them the motivation, methods, and courage to make and nurture new communities. We believe in the importance of togetherness and being connected. The power and impact of communities can not be underestimated. It’s through communities that we can support our wellbeing and bring about positive health outcomes.

We are embarking on an exploratory journey of learning and discovery as we share insights on how to building and nurture communities.

Here you can find the recordings of the podcast episodes here, complete with the show notes and information on where and how to subscribe.

As we set this up there will be more features here here is the link to the spotify show site.

Meet the MakingCommunity podcast team

Your hosts are Sathpal Singh and Scott Seivwright.

Sath and Scott or Singh and Seivwright as they like to refer to themselves on this show are long serving Agile practitioners with around 5 decades of experience between them.  They have known each other for a few years now and collaborators on a number of projects, notably Agile20Reflect and AccessAgile.

They are passionate about the role and power of communities of all shapes and sizes, and are committed to continuous learning, experimentation and knowledge sharing.   They both love to bring people together and create safe spaces for collaboration and the emergence of ideas and new hypotheses to experiment with.

Here’s a little more about your hosts:

Sathpal Singh

Sath is an Edinburgh, Scotland based technology and agile professional and leader.  He currently operates where Engineering, Agile and Communities meet and has a real focus on people, culture, visual storytelling and community development.   With 20+ years of experience, Sath has led a number of projects, programs and product deliveries across a number of sectors for international clients and global brands.  He loves to build high performing teams and great products to meet customers needs.  Sath is also passionate about delivering great event experiences and is the Organiser at Future of Work Scotland meetup. A global community with ~ 2,000 members.

Sathpal is an advisor at Access Agile and remains committed to supporting the initiative in areas including governance, ethics, strategy and marketing.

You can read more about Sath’s career journey and various roles on LinkedIn

Scott Seiwright

Scott is based in West Lothian, Scotland and has a long history in the Agile community.  Scott is passionate about human-centred Agile adoptions and positive cultural transformation.   Scott has impressive global experience and was of course the visionary behind Agile20Reflect.  A global month long festival that celebrated the 20th anniversary of Agile as well as brought agilists together from across the global to deliver a free program of over 800 free events celebrating Agile in all it’s flavours.  Scott is a true advocate of diversity and inclusivity and is the Caretaker at Access Agile.

Read more about Scott journey on LinkedIn

The show is put together and distributed by Access Agile friend and Trustee Mauricio Vera Sordo, known to us as Mau.

Mau is a passionate Agilist, marketer and podcaster and brings his talents to the team to pull the contents together from one episode to the next.

You can read more about Mau at LinkedIn