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Share your agile experiences with the rest of the world

We have over 100 events worldwide during 3 days, from October 7th to 9th! And we are no longer accepting new proposals for our Oct Freestival, however, you can be part of our February event! Just fill out this form and we will get your event announced to a worldwide community of agilists, both on Meetup and through social media after our Oct Freestival.

If you need help to register your proposal, please check these FAQ:

  • Where can I see the full program overview?
  • How can I socialize my event?
    After processing your proposal, we will add the event to our Meetup. Once that is done and reviewed, we will share your event details through social media, e.g; LinkedIn. First thing to do, is follow Access Agile, so you see the event announcements, branded with the Access Agile logo and festival theme. These posts contain all the details to join the event. And then you can re-share this post with your own network.
  • Do we have a template that speakers can use to prepare presentation? E.g. Logo, background, etc.
    We’re working on that
  • If I am able to host my session , how do I create / share my session details and where?
    Simple: just fill out the registration form and we take care of the announcement on Meetup and on social media.
  • Is there any guideline regarding the speakers (duration, hours, etc.)?
    It’s a 30,60,90 mins format
  • How do we choose the time slot for the session?
    Please use GMT time slot of your choice
  • Would my session be recorded and shared later?
    Yes but not individually. It will be made available after the festival
  • Is possible that someone sends in more than 1 proposal? For example, if someone want to speak in a regional event and in a worldwide event.
    The possibilities are endless.
  • Will all meetups will be open to anyone regardless of region?
    Yes, we are expecting to use Access agile meetups for all events. In case of challenges, please use any other means to host the event.
  • Is there a timeframe on the meetups globally or it depends with the region?
    None, its speakers choice
  • Do you have, as core organizers, any platform or system to make the workshops, webinars, interviews, etc? Is there some guideline about it?
  • Who approves or selects the speakers that have entered their request to speak?
    Proposals circle core team
  • Is there any email ID or support email to reach out for any queries?
    Yes, please send your mail to proposals@access-agile.org
  • If the speaker is not able to host their session, how can organizers help them we help to host and create a link to the calendar events?
    We will add your events to our Meetup calendar anyhow, but feel free to add your own Meetup event. In that case, please let us know, so that we can refer to yours.
    If you cannot or prefer not to host your own event (through Zoom, Teams or whatever platform), we will gladly help you out.
  • Is submitting using the proposal form enough or is there any other registration process to get the speaker reviewed?
    Yes, submit all the details as per the proposal form. In case any further details are required, our ambassadors team in your region would contact you
  • I am not a speaker but I am willing to host a session for a speaker. How can I help?
    We really appreciate your help. Please fill out this form to host a session and we will get in touch with you.

If you didn’t get the answer in the list,  please email proposals@access-Agile.org to get support from the proposals team.

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