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Access Agile – Come Shape our Vison, Values and Freestival Principles

Access Agile – Come Shape our Vison, Values and Freestival Principles

Hello Everyone!

I want to talk today to you all about the wonderful things that we have done this year in sharing our gifts to the world as an inclusive community. And launch a consultation and get help creating a new Vison, Values and Principles for the Freestival!  As we come to the end of 2021 and look back to all we have collaborated in, it gives me goosebumps. We have done so much together as a group! I have made a little video to look back at 2021 and to look forward to 2022.

Steve asked how he could serve… I responded this about Access agile and taking part!! Access Agile is Free!!

Free (Non cost forever)
Free (Non Censored)
Free (Safe to Share)
Free (Flowing and emergent)
and Free ( “Spirited” – Free child – Collaboration Driven party)

I guess just be “Free” to do whatever you want!!

In moving forward into 2022, I really want to reaffirm our group’s values and aims and help the community connect with the Access Agile Movement. This community of people come together to gift the world something special! Here is a summary of the wonderful gifts that Access Agile has given us..

  • In 2020/21 we have met some really amazing people from around the world that just wouldn’t have met without Access Agile
  • We all connected in a wider vision of service to the less advantaged;
  • We won external recognition and an award
  • We made collaborative relationships with other organisations;
  • We celebrated with the “Spirit of Ubuntu” the good in our community;
  • We made a space for new people and new people to share their learning;
  • We created new passion projects;
  • We learned a lot about ourselves;
  • We created an amazing knowledge bank of videos.So here is my, Scott the Caretaker’s, personal message to the Access Agile Community.


Let’s look outward, reaffirm our vision, and enter 2022 with a renewed sense of community. A heartfelt thank you everyone who has been part of the story so far, and looking forward to seeing what the 2022 batch of leaders guide the community into!
Let’s create more community assets that are under creative commons and let’s get together more and enable each other!

Access Agile sharing our gifts to the world as an inclusive community!

So here is my call to action!!!

Let’s take our learning and restate our Values and the Principles of the Access Agile Freestival as a group!

Come and add your ideas to collaborative google sheet capturing the Vision, Values and Principles Document


If you need anything I am on Twitter @HeartofScott, Linked-in heartofScott

And I would love to hear from you! I am so grateful to everyone’s help and support.

And for new people…

For more information… Check out our Youtube Learning Channel

Join our Meetup group 

Of join the Slack discussion group here…

And watch out on the Freestival Website for more news of the next freestival.

Once again Thanks for all of your help!!

Scott Seivwright, the Access Agile Caretaker!!