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Toby Rao – Community Profile

Toby Rao – Community Profile

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We are starting an experiment in exploring who we are as people in the Access Agile Community. So please find Toby Rao’s Community Profile. We want to make a community that connects us together in respect, helping each other and improvement. We are pleased to have Toby from the USA as the first one. If you like this idea… join the slack group (Links Below) and leave Toby a message.

Your name as you liked to be listed?
Toby Rao

Where in the world can we find you?
Washington DC Metro, USA

What languages do you speak
English, Spanish, Hindi, Bengali, Telugu, Tamil, Urdu

Your Social Media Links?
https://www.linkedin.com/in/tobyrao & Toby Rao (@tobyrao) · Twitter

Have you got a website you want to share?

What are your roles in Roles in Access Agile?
I hang out for fun, I go to the Freestivals, I volunteer to Speak, I volunteer to help Access Agile Run Well, I organise things in my country/region for access agile, I help Mentor Speakers, I help spread the word

Whats your Super Power?
My ability to ‘Aspire – Persevere – Achieve

What is your greatest dream in life?
To create a strong lineup of future leaders

Complete the sentence “I started using Agile in…..”
2008, and it took me about 3 years to transform from ‘doing’ to ‘being Agile.

Who have been your strongest influences in life?
My dad, my wife and some past managers/leaders who I admire!

Post a link to your favourite local recipe for food?
Grilled Turkey with Toasted Fennel and Coriander and Fresh Thyme Gravy

What are your favourite Agile Sites or Blogs?
https://age-of-product.com/ – Stefan Wolpers
Agile Alliance Website

What 3 words would your friends and family use to describe you?
Witty/Funny, Resourceful, Courageous

What 5 #tags should we add to your Profile?
#tobyrao #torasolutionsusa #agilecoach #givingbacktothecommunity

What are your hopes for our Access Agile Community?
The ability to connect the agilists of the world in a selfless manner, and to create a symbiotic, sustainable community.

What should we be doing in the Access Agile Community that we are not?
Perhaps creating a segment that highlights ’Agile outside of IT’ to highlight experiments, successes, inspirational stories, and some case studies to learn from?

What things are you interested in learning about?
Learn the art and science of ’Transforming executives/C-Suite to truly lead the change’

What is your greatest experience of the Access Agile Community?
The sheer power of positive intent and volunteerism!

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